Hydraulic Equipment’s

Design of Hydraulic Piston Pumps

While designing the hydraulic pumps several other variables should also be taken into account. Task-specific power sources, operating speeds, maximum fluid flows, and pump weights are widely available in standard and custom configurations. Measurements such as diameter, extension length, height and width of pump internals should also be considered, especially when a hydraulic piston pump is to be fitted to a pre-existing hydraulic system.


Company is a business committed to providing excellent customer service and the highest caliber of hydraulic equipment’s repair and maintenance.

Further Advantages of the SH Series Pumps are:

  • Fast response
  • High efficiency
  • Compact design enabling the pump selection to match the application
  • Good suction characteristics
  • More selection of compensators including hydraulic and electro-hydraulic
  • Mechanical flow limitation
  • More mounting options for various drive flanges
  • We maintain comprehensive stock-holding of spares

We Can Handle Any Size Hydraulic Service Job!

Complete Hydraulic has extensive experience working with large industrial plants and complexes, including train yards and huge manufacturing equipment.

Our facilities are ready to handle whatever size job you might have on site as well! If you operate a commercial or industrial fleet with huge vehicles, Complete Hydraulic can handle it.

Experienced Professional Staff:

SH HYDRAULICS & TECHNICAL SOLUTIONS is a team of Expert Technicians with over 17+ years combined experience working in the Hydraulic fields. When your company depends on hydraulic service & equipments, you need to know we have a team of experienced professionals keeping your business running smoothly. When your equipment goes down at a critical moment with deadlines looming, our fast response times and service technicians will get you back up and running quickly.

SH HYDRAULICS & TECHNICAL SOLUTIONS Give You the Insight to Make Better Business Decisions and Extend the Life of Your Critical Hydraulic Equipment’s.

SH HYDRAULICS & TECHNICAL SOLUTIONS Offers the Most Complete Solutions for Hydraulic Pump, Valve & Motor Repair Services with well experienced and knowledgeable engineers. We serve all types of industries, large or small. Every hydraulic unit received in our facility for repair is completely disassembled and cleaned for a thorough inspection. Next, all precision fits are checked for tolerances. Worn, broken, or missing parts are listed for replacement. After a complete evaluation, our customer service representative will provide you with a competitive quotation for the price of the repair.